Club Membership Plan

Original 10 EUR/year
Early-bird tickets for webinar
Job board viewing
from 1000
On request, this plan can be totally customized. The following is an example for company advertisement package.
Premium Membership benefits
Bio-column advertisement
Podcast advertisement
One customized webinar
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本俱樂部收費以歐元計價,10 歐元約等值 12 美元或新台幣 330 元。

The club’s fees are all priced in Euros, and 10 Euros is about similar to US$12 or NT$330.

基本會員 (Basic membership)

以基本會員身份加入 EBC 俱樂部是一年 10 歐元,至 2021 年底前優惠價是完全免費的。您可以閱讀我們的每週生技產業專欄文章,並獲得我們的每月電子報,以了解即將舉辦的活動資訊。您還有機會購買限量早鳥活動門票,並造訪我們的職缺公布欄。

EBC offers Basic membership. It is completely free till the end of 2021 to register as a basic member. The benefits include our weekly bio-column article and our monthly newsletter, which will keep you posted on EBC events. Moreover, the basic membership allows early event registrations and access to our job board.

尊榮會員 (Premium membership)

成為 EBC 尊榮會員的年費為一年 40 歐元,至 2021 年底前優惠價是 20 歐元。除了基本會員的優惠之外,還有 50% 的 workshop 折扣,並可以在職缺公布欄發放職缺資訊。作為創辦元年的尊榮會員優惠,您將收到兩張 10 歐元的折價券*,可在 EBC 舉辦的活動中使用。


EBC offers Premium membership for more benefits. The annual fee is 20 euros till the end of 2021. Besides Basic membership benefits, we offer 50% off our workshops and two 10 euro coupons* for Premium members. You can also post job descriptions on our job board.

*You will receive an exclusive discount coupon for each paid event promotion. If you have used it twice, you will not receive any discount coupons in the future.

商業會員 (Business membership)

EBC 的商業會員年費為 1000 歐元起算。商業會員的對象可以享有所有尊榮會員的服務,並且會有一個專門的小組為商業會員(公司)辦理一系列的宣傳廣告活動,包含文章專門介紹、邀請為 seminar 講者,podcast人物專訪和網站頁面廣告的設計等等,詳細情況歡迎詢問。這些服務對於公司想要徵才、提高曝光度和知名度、尋找合作對象都會有正面的幫助。

EBC offers business membership. The fee starts from 1000 euro per year. This membership covers benefits from premium membership. In addition, this membership also provides an advertisement package including an introduction in bio-column, special seminar,  featuring in our podcast channel, and banners on our webpage. Contact us for more details. This advertisement package is suitable for seeking talents, increasing publicity and exposure, and finding potential collaborators. We believe our product will bring positive influence on our customers.