Premium membership

成為 EBC 尊榮會員的年費為一年 40 歐元,至 2021 年底前優惠價是優惠價 20 歐元。除了基本會員的優惠之外,還有 50% 的 workshop 折扣,並可以在職缺公布欄發放職缺資訊。作為創辦元年的尊榮會員優惠,您將收到兩張 10 歐元的折價券*,可在 EBC 舉辦的活動中使用。


EBC offers Premium membership for more benefits. The annual fee is 20 euros till the end of 2021. Besides Basic membership benefits, we offer 50% off our workshops and two 10 euro coupons for Premium members. You can also post job descriptions on our job board.

*You will receive an exclusive discount coupon for each paid event promotion. If you have used it twice, you will not receive any discount coupons in the future.